Canadian Passport Application


Service Canada is delivering passport services to the Canadian people in more than 300 locations, behalf of the passport program. It will help the Canadians to get the proper access to the passport services across the country.

Applications, which the receiving agents can accept

General adult can apply for 5 years and 10 years.Child application can be applied for 5 years.Adult simplified renewal applications for 5 years and 19 years.

You have to validate your Canadian citizenship document

Service Canada receiving agents have the authority to validate and verify the proof of Canadian citizenship document.

Applications, which receiving agents cannot access

Here, we are going to discuss about the applications, which Service Canada Centers cannot accept, and they must be submitted to the passport office

  • If your application is urgent (You have to travel in the less time than it takes for the completion of the process).
  • When you are applying for the passport on behalf of your child and only one of the parents is taking part in the application process.

The financial information required

There are some ways, by which you can pay your passport fees through Service Canada Center.

  • You can pay you passport fees by cheque or money order (postal or bank) to the receiver general to Canada.
  • Credit card can also be used (Visa, Master card, American Express).

Where to find the forms?

Well, you will get the application forms online on the website of passport program.


Regular Passport Canada

These regular passports are issued for the sake of casual travels like:

  • Vacations
  • Business trips
  • There are total 36 pages in in the regular passport and its validity is dependent on the age of the passport holder.

For Aults Passport – Adults above 16 years of age can opt for a 5 year and 10-year passport.

  • For  Child Passport – Children within the age of 0 to 5 can get the maximum validation up to 5 years.

Temporary Passport Canada

There are certain Canadian offices in abroad, who can opt for the temporary passport:

  • They have to show the urgency and proof to get the temporary passport.
  • People who are waiting for the regular, special or diplomatic passport.
  • The validation of the passports will be decided by the issuing office. The passport can be valid maximum for one year.

Special passport

People, who are eligible for the special passports are:

  • Senators
  • Members of parliament

Diplomatic passport

They issue diplomatic passports for people, who are:

  • Diplomats
  • Any high-ranking Government official of Canada.
  • Any Canadian representative or delegates.

Some important additional information to apply for canadian passport

  • If you have the specific eligibility criteria, you can easily renew your passport by going through the simplified renewal application process.
  • In case, if you are living in abroad, visit the passport Program Website to know the details about how to apply for the passport in abroad.
  • According to the effected law from June 1, 2009, if anyone is travelling to the United States by land, air or sea that comprises of both Canadian and U.S. citizen, they must submit either a valid passport or any other secure document. Of you want to get the list of acceptable documents, you can visit the website of Canada Border Service’s agency.
  • From November 10, 2016, people with dual Canadian Citizenship who used to travel or transit through Canada by air along with a non-Canadian passport, must present their Canadian passport in order to board their flights.

Contact information

If you have any other queries or want to know more about the status of your passport application, you can go through the section of frequently asked questions on the website of passport program or you can simply contact them.