Apply for a New Passport Adult

How to apply for a new passport for Adult in Canada

Well, if you are preparing for getting an adult passport in Canada, there are certain things which you have to follow. There are few sets of documents, which you have to submit for the purpose of getting the adult passport in Canada. Here, we are going to have a precise discussion about the process of applying for the adult passport. So, if you are confused about the documents, which you have to show to get the adult passport, look nowhere else.

  • There is a total of three pages of the application form, which the guarantor has to certify.
  • You will need two passport photos, and one of them must be certified by the guarantor.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship like the original certificate of citizenship is a must.
  • You have to show the documents that validate your identity. You can present your driver’s license, which is the easiest way to support your identity.
  • Also, you have to show any of your valid travel documents like passport, refugee travel document or certificate of identity, which has been issued to you.
  • A supporting documentary is also mandatory if you have requested for a change in name or Change sex, replacing of a lost, damaged or stolen passport or omitting the place of birth.
  • Your passport fee will be dependent on the type of passport you are applying for and the process of your claiming.



To apply for the adult passport in Canada, it is mandatory to get a guarantor and two references. And in case of child applicant, the guarantor must know the person, who is applying for the passport on behalf of his or her child.

Thus, if you want to get an adult passport in Canada, you can easily submit your application by courier, mail as well as in person.