Check the Status of an Immigration

Which documents I have to show to prove my immigration status in Canada?

  • Permanent resident Card
  • Protected Person Status Document
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Notice of Decision (NOD), issued from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
  • IRCC Verification of Status (VOS) Document

 Is it necessary to show my expired passport or travel document?

If you are opting for renewing your passport, you must show any Canadian Travel Document, which has been issued to you within last 6 years.

And if you want the authority to return you your canceled passport, you have to mention that on your application form two. If the authority doesn’t find any indication on your form or if you don’t want your canceled passport back, make sure that the authority will destroy it.

Just in case, if you are applying for your passport using the general passport application, there is no need of returning your travel document or your expired passport.

 Can submit my document in any other language apart from English or French, whenever I am applying for a Canadian travel document?

Yes, but make sure of one thing that you submit your original documents along with an acceptable translation of the document, either in English or in French.

The translation must be done by a certified translator, which must include the:

  • Translator’s stamp Or
  • A membership number from a professional translation association.


Do I have to include the photocopies of my supporting identification?

Yes. You must have to:

  • Photocopy of the both sides of the document.
  • Those photocopies must be signed and dated by your guarantor, which will validate that they have gone through all the original documents.

Also, you can submit your original document and after that the authority will return these documents to you. And if you are applying in person, the may review you your document and after that it will be given back to you, on the spot.


Is it necessary to include my valid passport?

Yes, it is mandatory to submit your valid passport along with your application.

You can also submit your previous Canadian passport, which will validate your identification. But make sure of several things like:

  • The passport is still valid, or it has been expired within the last one year.
  • It must be original passport as the authority will not accept the photocopy.
  • The name written on the application as well as on the passport must be same.


Is it compulsory to submit the original proof of citizenship of mine?

Yes, you have to submit the original proof of your citizenship if you are applying through the general application form. The signed photocopies of your proof of citizenship will not be accepted by the authority.

Once they are done with verifying all your documents, they will give all of them back to you. And if you are applying through receiving agents, maybe they will review your documents and will return your document on the spot.

If you are qualified for the renewal of your passport, you don’t have to submit the original proof of your citizenship.