Reissue of Lost, Stolen, Inaccessible, Damaged Canada Passport


There are things that one has to keep in mind regarding a Canadian passport. You must keep the passports in a safe place at all times. There is no way that one should misuse the passport for fraudulent purposes and if a passport is ever reported lost or stolen, it loses its validity. The government is not responsible for a stolen passport at the border crossings if there are any issues. One must make sure that the passport is taken care even though there are chances of damages due to its exposure to water /liquids or extreme environmental circumstances.

In the case of multiple reported passports, one can face restrictions before applying a new one. You can call the Canadian passport services for issues regarding loss and theft and for refugee travel documents.

The essential for issuing a new passport-

  • Application form completely filled and signed by the guarantor stating
  1. You have to be an adult from the US or Canada.
  2. You have to be an adult from abroad
  3. An American or a Canadian Child
  4. A child from Abroad
  • Two passport photos and one has to be signed by the guarantor
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship and a document to prove your identity
  • The original fees of the passport whether new or for replacement.
  • An authorized declaration of the passport or Canadian travel document

The citizens of Canada or the US can ask for passports in the passport office and submit the application by courier or mail. The Canadians who are living abroad can apply in the nearest Canadian office abroad. If you have lost a passport or it was stolen by any chance, then you have to wait until they investigate to apply for a new one.


In case of a stolen passport

you can return it to the passport service and make sure that you write a letter to the services describing the place you found it and the other specifications. For Canada, you can return the found passports with a written letter. You return it to the Local police services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You can also send the passport through courier in the passport protection office in Gatineau, Canada. If you are in outside Canada, you can return it to the nearest Abroad Canadian government office.

For damaged Passports

one must apply for a new passport if the current passport is damaged, there may be restrictions and issues during travel and you can get intervened at the Airport. You will know that the passport is damaged by having difficulty identifying and falsifications. Damaged passports will have –

  • Removed pages
  • Markings will be unauthorized
  • One or more pages will have tears
  • Signs of damage by liquid/water
  • Chewed marks of pets and children
  • Different information than the authentic
  • Separation of the inside pages and the cover
  • Others

One must certainly contact the airline serves and passport offices to make sure that they can look at the condition of the passport before calling it in. In case of an inaccessible passport during the time you have submitted it in the foreign visa and need to travel in the meantime, you will require to submit a proof to state where your passport is and why the proof is needed to access the passport.


Surrendered and Seized Passports – The passports and travel documents that are seized by the government or taken in by the court of law are returned to the government before their expiry and they are destroyed and cleared later. If you want to request the return of the passport before it expires, you have to send in the required documents

  1. Your name
    1. The birth certificate containing date of birth
  2. The mailing address and the phone number
  3. The copy of court Document

For further assistance, you can contact the integrity Risk guidance branch; ask them questions about the process and the same fax number.

How you have to take care of your passport

One must make sure of taking good care of their passport in order for validated use while traveling. If you have lost or damaged more than one passport then you have to provide proof of travel before a new passport is issued for you. Your passport validity can get limited and the government might refuse you a new passport.

There is no difference between a lost and stolen passport and the government of Canada sees it that way. One must confirm their identity and ask for identification where only the owner of the passport may report the missing passport. They might cancel your passport and ask questions about the circumstances of theft, damage and loss. One must inform the order agencies and enforcement so that no one other than you will be able to use the passport.