Documents Required for Child Passport Application

Anyone between the ages of 0 to 15 is considered to be a child in Canada and all of them have to get their own passport for the sake of traveling to different places. If you are applying for the passport on behalf of your child, you need to have some additional documents along with the application for the passport.

What are the documents required to apply for child passport?

Proof that your child is a citizen of Canada

You have to submit these documents if your child is born in Canada:

  • A birth certificate which was issued by the territory or the province of Canada, where your child was born.
  • A Canadian citizenship certificate that is issued by refugees, immigration and Citizenship Canada.

You can show any of them, as long as they are valid.

In case, if your child was born outside Canada, you have to show a citizenship document, which is issued by IRCC like:

  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate.

How to get the Canadian birth certificate?

To get the Canadian birth certificate, you have to get in touch with the vital statistics office, residing in the territory or province of Canada where your child was born.

There are certain provinces and territories that deliver different documents, which are also accepted by the authority. Let us know about these.

British Columbia

Documentary Evidence of Citizenship that comprises of the true copy of a registration document, which is the registration of the Live Birth. Let us know the mandatory regulations:

  • It must be issued by the province of British Columbia.
  • When the surname name of the bearer is more than 30 characters or 30 characters for the given name.

New Brunswick

Here, you will get the certified extract of a registration document and the mandatory aspects are:

  • It must be issued by the Province of New Brunswick.
  • In case, where the surname of the bearer is more than 39 characters and more than 30 characters for the given name.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories will provide you with the certificate of registration of birth, registration of birth, or the registration of the live birth. These certificates must be:

  • Issued by the Northwest Territories.
  • When the surname, as well as the given name, is more than 58 characters.

Nova Scotia

They will deliver you with a certified photocopy of live birth registration, which must be issued by:

  • The Province of Nova Scotia.
  • In cases, where the surname and given name of the bearer are more than 30 and 38 characters respectively.


Province of Ontario issued a certified copy of birth registration.


A birth certificate or a copy of an act of birth, which is issued by the Directeur de l’etat civil of Quebec.

Note: If the Canadian citizenship proof of your child has no sex field, the authority may ask you for the document, where the sex of your child is mentioned and that matches the sex written in the application.

You also have to show the proof of parentage

If you are applying for the passport for your child, it is mandatory that you have to show the proof of parentage, so that authority can confirm the parent-child relationship. The documents, which you can show as your proof of parentage, are:

  • A detailed birth certificate, which will include the name of the child’s parents and that, must be issued by Canadian Provincial or Territorial vital statistics. The authority will also accept this document as proof of Canadian citizenship. And, if the child is born in Ontario, the authority will accept the copy of birth registration and if the child was born in Quebec, copy of an act of birth will also be accepted by the authority.
  • A court order of adoption that must include the name of the adoptive parents.
  • Any foreign birth certificate, which comprises of the name of the parents.

The authority will require a document that will validate the link between the two surnames, in case if the surname on the application is different from the surname in proof of parentage. Let us know some of the linking documents, which you may show:

  • A marriage certificate.
  • A common-law relationship certificate.
  • A certificate that validates legal name change.

Apart from these documents, there are other documents as well, which you can show.


When you don’t need proof of parentage?

There are some cases, where you don’t need to show the proof of your parentage. Let us have a discussion about this.

  • You don’t have to submit a parentage document if your child has already a passport or any other travel documents.
  • If the same parents are reapplying for a new passport.

You still have to give the proof of Canadian citizenship like a birth certificate.

Proof of custody, in case of separation or divorce

Whenever you are applying for the passport on behalf of your child, both the parents have to abide by some rules. Those rules are:

  • Both of them must participate in the process of passport application.
  • Both of them have to sign the form.
  • They must be ready to get contacted by the authority.

If you are the legal guardian of the child and applying for your child’s passport, you also have to follow some rules and regulations. Those are:

  • It is mandatory for you to participate in the passport application.
  • You also have to submit a valid proof of your legal guardianship.

In case of court orders or existing agreements, that refers to the custody of the child

  • The person, who has the custodial right of the child, can apply for the passport and if both the parents have custodial right, any one of them can apply.
  • Also, you must submit the authority with all the documents that refers to the custody, mobility and access of the child.

In case, if your divorce has been granted, you have to provide the authority with a copy of divorce judgment or order.