Proof of Parentage for Canada Passport


The proof of parentage is usually asked to confirm the parent‘s relationship with the child. This is usually required because of the increase in the number of child trafficking and similar crimes related to children. Proof of parentage determines and authenticates the relationship between both.

Proof of Parentage will include –

  1. A birth certificate with all the details that is issued by the Territorial Vital statistics or Canadian province, containing the name of the parent and this is also accepted as a proof of citizenship in Canada. This applies for people who are born in both Quebec and Ontario
  2. The adoption order having the adoptive parent name
  3. The foreign birth certificate that has a name of the parent (In case if the last name in the proof of percentage is different from the one in their application form. You have to arrange for a document that supports the change of names and shows the link between the two such as a marriage certificate a legal name change certificate and a common law relationship.
  4. Other important documentation that you need is – One does not need proof of parentage if the child has a Canadian passport and a travel document and if the parents having these documents apply for the passport.
  5. One can submit a wallet-sized birth certificate instead of a long form one, but the proof of citizenship is still required.