Canadian Passport Photo Requirements


If you are applying for a Canadian passport, you will need passport photos for that. You also have to be very meticulous about those photos and you have to abide by the rules.  Or else, the authority will reject your application. For that reason, here we are going to have a precise conversation about the rules and regulations, which you need to consider while clicking the photo for the application of your Canadian passport.

What are the photo requirements for Canada Passport?

Here is the list of requirements, which you have to follow:

  1. Your photos must be sharp, clear and in focus.
  • You must keep your eyes open and those eyes must be clearly visible.
  • You cannot smile on those photos and you should keep your mouth closed.
  1. You have to click those photos in person with either a commercial photographer or studio.
  • The list must be uniform and there shouldn’t be any shadow, flash reflections and glares.
  • Your face and shoulders centered, squared and straight on to the camera.
  • The background must be either plain white or light colored so that the difference between your face and the background is clearly visible. Also, make sure that the skin color in those photos must be natural.
  1. The wideness of the photos must be 50 mm and the height should be 70 mm.
  • The height of your face from the chin to the crown of head must be between 31 mm to 36 mm.
  1. The image should represent your current appearance and that must be taken within the last six months.
  2. The photo which you will click must be printed on a photographic paper that is plain and of high quality.
  • If the photo is printed on home or on a heavyweight paper, the authority will reject your application.
  1. The photos must be original or cannot be altered in any way and it must be taken from an existing photo.


What are the things that need to be on the back of the photos?

  • The address and the name of the photographer or the studio that has taken the photo for you.
  • The date when the photo was taken.
  • Sign and date of the guarantor where he or she must write, “This is the true likeness of (name of the applicant)”.

What are some extra things, which you need to consider?

  • You can wear glasses on the photo, but you must make sure that your eyes are clearly visible and there shouldn’t be any glare on the glasses.
  • Tinted glasses and the sunglasses will be rejected by the authority.
  • Also, if there is a red eye effect or red eye alterations, your application will not be accepted by the authority.
  • They will not accept any head coverings or hats except some is wearing it for religious beliefs or medical reasons. Make sure that the face is clearly visible and doesn’t cast any shadows on the face of the applicant.
  • You can wear down your hair.


Are there any specific rules and regulations for the babies?

The rules for the babies are same. Just make sure that the photo consists of only the face and shoulders of the baby and there shouldn’t be any hands of the parents. And in case of newborn babies, you can follow certain things like:

  • A white blanket is placed on the background of their seat, behind their head.
  • There shouldn’t be any shadows around the ears, on the face and shoulder; and in the background.

The authority is aware of the fact that it is not easy to get a neutral facial expression of the new born baby and for that reason they will allow certain infant expressions.