How To Get An Emergency Canadian Passport


The authority provides emergency passport services to several locations in Canada. You have to find out whether your location has an emergency service or not. Or else, you have to look for the nearest location where you have to visit in person to avail the emergency passport service of Canada.

To get this service, you have to make sure that you show some proof of travel.

What are the proofs of travel, which you have to show while applying for the emergency passport service?

There are numerous proofs of travel which you can show to avail the service. Here, we are going to discuss some of the travel proofs that you can show to validate your emergency. Following are the travel proofs and you can provide any one of them:

  • You can show any of your bus, airline or train ticket.
  • If you are traveling by car, you have to submit a written declaration.
  • Also, you have to present a travel itinerary that will validate the payment of your travel proofs.
  • You have to show the proof of illness or death of any family members if you need to travel immediately for the purpose.

You may have to show some further proofs regarding the reasons for your emergency or urgency of the situation.

The authority will not take any responsibility for the losses if they fail to deliver the passport on the desired time, for you or your child. For that reason, it is recommended not to make any travel plans until you are getting the passport in your hand.


What are the service fee and processing time for the emergency and express service of passport?

To avail these services, you have to pay some additional fee as well as the regular passport fee. Let us know a bit more about the fee structure and the required passport processing time.

In case of urgent pickup

  • For the urgent pickup, you have to pay an additional fee of CAN$110 along with the regular passport fee.
  • If you avail the urgent service, you will get your passport by the end of the next business day.

In case of express pickup

  • To avail the emergency passport service, you have an additional amount CAN$50 and the regular passport fee.
  • It will take two to nine business days to get the passport if you opt for the emergency service.

To know the date of your pick up, you have to get in touch with a passport officer.


How to get the emergency help in Canada on weekends and statutory holidays?

If it is urgent to get your passport on the weekends and on the statutory holidays, you have to call the number 1-800-567-6868. This service is specifically for the emergencies and if you need to travel urgently on weekends or statutory holidays. And if you can meet all the requirements, you have to show all the required documents to get this service. The documents, which you have to show, are:

  • The application form which is completed.
  • The required passport photos.
  • A travel proof that validates that you need to travel before the end of the next business day.

What is the fee for availing the emergency service on weekends and statutory holidays?

If you want to get the emergency passport services on weekends or statutory holidays, you have to pay an additional fee of CAN$335 along with the regular passport fee.

In case, if you are submitting some additional passport applications on behalf of your family members then the authority will:

  • Charge you for the regular passport fee along with the fee for urgent services.
  • They will not charge you additional service fee for the urgent services on the weekends and statutory holidays.

These are the service fees, which you have to pay. The authority cannot guarantee you to issue your passport if they find any security concerns, when they are going through the process of their application.