Identification Documents for Canada Passport

If you are planning to apply for a Canadian passport you will need certain documents, which will work as proof for your identity. Here, we are going to talk about those documents, which you need to prove your identification and eligibility of applying for the passport.

What are the mandatory information, which needs to be there in your documents?

Whenever you are submitting any of your documents to prove your identity for the sake of your passport, there are certain information, which must be present on those documents. Here is the list of mandatory information that those documents must have.

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Photo
  • Signature

What are the criteria of your identification documents, which you need for your passport?

  • The Identification document must be valid.
  • That ID must be issued federal, provincial, territorial or the state government authority or any board, which is equivalent to it.

What are the additional identification documents, which you can show?


Well, it is possible that you don’t have a single document that showcases all the mandatory information. During that time, you can show more than one identification documents. Here is the list of some documents, which you can provide if you don’t have a single document with all the required information.

  • Military ID.
  • A proper driver’s license issued by a territory, province or from the equivalent abroad.
  • Canadian passport.
  • Foreign passport that has all the requirements.
  • Non-driver’s license, which is issued by a province or any territory.
  • ID cards, which are issued by the provincial, federal or territorial government.

How to use your Canadian passport as identification?


You can submit your passport along with your application if it is still valid. Also, you have to submit some additional piece identifications along with your passport if the case is:

  • Your passport was issued when you were less than 16 years of age.
  • If the validity period of the passport which was issued is less than five years.

If your passport has been expired within the last one year, then the authority will accept the 2nd and 3rd page, and that must be signed and dated by your guarantor.

You cannot use your passport if the cases are:

  • It is damaged.
  • It has been expired for more than one year.

Be sure to provide with an official translation, if the language of your form is different from English or French.